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Is the Mueller investigation into Trump real or is it just nibbling around
the edges of the real issue?

Consider the questions Mueller wants to ask Trump. According to the NY Times
they cover the following subjects:

   - *Michael Flynn*
   - *James Come*
   - *Jeff Sessions*
   - *Trump campaign coordination with Russia*

The subject matter of these questions should be considered in light of
Trump’s association with Michael Cohen, Trump’s long time “fixer”, and the
recent FBI raid on Cohen’s office. That raid was not carried out by
Mueller’s team, but clearly it is related to the Mueller investigation.
Again, the NY Times revealed
Cohen is. He seems to have been involved in all sorts of scams, including
insurance fraud. But the aspect of Cohen that is most relevant to Trump is
Cohen’s real estate wheeling and dealing.

*Cohen real estate investments*The Times explains: “His companies would buy
a building, often in cash. Soon after, they would flip the building in
another all-cash deal for four or five times the previous purchase price.
The buyer was generally another limited liability company.
Read entire article here:

John Reimann
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