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 Joel Beinen - Recognizing Annexation: Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem
The White House announcement distinguishes between recognizing Jerusalem as
Israel’s capital and establishing an embassy there and recognizing “the
specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.” In other words,
the Trump administration, like all those before it, seeks to avoid
acknowledging how Israel, in defiance of UN resolutions, has altered the
demographic and geographic realities of the city. Since 1967 Israel has
installed some 215,000 settlers in a dozen East Jerusalem neighborhoods
situated to make its annexation an irreversible fact on the ground. The
United States has expressed only pro forma opposition to the entire Israeli
settlement project. No Israeli government has ever been willing to engage
in negotiations over removing those settlers or establishing a Palestinian
capital in East Jerusalem proper. Following the Israeli line, the
Anglo-American media typically do not consider the East Jerusalem
neighborhoods to be settlements or count their inhabitants among the West
Bank settler population. Hence this is effectively a distinction without a
difference. Israel will persist in entrenching itself in East Jerusalem
with no effective opposition.

In contrast to much of the activist base of the Democratic Party, its
current leadership, represented by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
(NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA), is emotionally attached
to Israel, uncritical of the US empire and its endless wars in the greater
Middle East, and beholden to the Zionist lobby. Schumer, a lobby stalwart,
criticized the President’s indecisiveness on the Jerusalem move before
Trump made up his mind. Schumer then proudly claimed, even before the
official announcement, that he had advised Trump to declare Jerusalem the
“undivided” capital of Israel—a more provocative formulation than the
actual announcement. Pelosi, in a statement full of Zionist lobby
boilerplate, expressed only mild concern about the timing of the embassy


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