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It’s been a rough past few months for Iran’s Velayat-e faqih, Supreme Leader, Ali Hosseni Khamenei, and his personal army, the IRGC’s Al Quds Force, as well as its ambitious and increasingly edgy leader, General Qassim Solemani.

Across the region, from Yemen on the Persian Gulf to Hamas on the Mediterranean Sea, many supporters of the “Resistance Axis” are pulling back their support, believing it to be fraudulent. Another reason is that the region’s civilian population are realizing that Syria’s Civil War will not be ending anytime soon as rebels and Islamists rebuild their forces and Syria’s army is once again nearly depleted and women are once again being conscripted.

The people in this region are becoming tired of Iran’s project and its cost in human lives and treasury, not least of whom are the civilian populations of Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon not to mention Russian officials and elements of the Assad regime.

full: https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/05/18/have-recent-events-sounded-the-death-knell-for-irans-regional-project/
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