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On this felicitous occasion we should not be tarnishing the Royal image by
implying they can get by on a miserly purse of £ 100 k a month. Currently
they rake in just over £ 3 million a month, tax free, levied as direct
taxation from working people.

Fortunately this breadline existence is topped up by a healthy £ 321
million p.a. income from the "Crown Estate" (assets that 'go with the job'
e.g. farm rents, harbor moorings and fishery licences). That amount is
rising rapidly. Profits are expected to rise to as much as £450 million by
2020. Lucrative new sources of money include offshore wind farm developers,
who must pay the Crown Estate for the rights to the seabed around Britain's
shoreline out to a distance of 12 miles. There are already 436 turbines
around the 7,700-mile coastline and the number is expected to exceed 6,000
within a decade.

The 'Royals' are smiling politely and waving condescendingly all the way to
the bank. Where do you think the accounting term* royalties *came from?

Richard Modiano
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