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Wow. English majors who code can get jobs. Sound advice!

I think what this means is more obvious: college education is vastly
oversold relative to the jobs market so 40% of graduates are slinging hash
AND making payments on huge student debt.

Now, true, no one makes them sign those loans. But it is unfair, IMO, to
make such vast sums (tens of thousands of dollars) available to consumers
who can't know what they are buying and are in few ways genuinely adult.

I would totally have succumbed to the temptation to take on such eternal
debt for a few years of freedom but everyone knows I hate to work and
always have.

I was super-lucky that my first working class encounter was with drivers of
Teamster Local #206 in LA, who seemed to have great lives and made $6.44/hr
in 1971. It gave me a taste for unions.
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