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On 6/4/18 3:01 PM, John Reimann via Marxism wrote:
In my opinion, much of the left reflects the generally low level of
consciousness and militancy in the working class as a whole. But it
reflects it in a twisted and distorted way, as if in a fun-house mirror.

I think this may not change until there is a massive change in the working
class consciousness, and I think that won't change without some huge shock.
The only consolation is that that shock is coming.

It shouldn't come as any surprise to John that I have a different take on this since we talked about it over the phone.

I follow Baraka on Twitter and I have not seen a single tweet about Syria in 2 years from him. Furthermore, when he was a candidate, he never spoke about Syria--only domestic issues for the most part. Same with his running mate Jill Stein, who I voted for. If Baraka had been the presidential candidate, I might have not backed him.

The main thing to understand is that the tide has turned on Syria. There was not a single pro-Assad panel at the Left Forum. Even Blumenthal and Norton spoke at sessions that did not take up Syria.

Keep in mind that Jacobin, Democracy Now and CounterPunch no longer publish the extreme Assadist material that used to appear there. In fact, as I pointed out, Diana Johnstone has denounced CounterPunch as pro-war.

Of course, it is tragic that it took 7 years for this to happen but since the Middle East will be in revolutionary turmoil for years to come, it is a battle that was well worth fighting.
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