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On 6/6/18 1:52 PM, Richard Fidler via Marxism wrote:
A rather different take from Louis's....

Hicks: Roadblocks are a key strategy being utilized by the student movement. What was travel in the country like?

Hanson: When I travelled north along the Pan-American Highway to Estelí, I passed through five different tranques (roadblocks) set up and maintained by students with local community support. Think about that – students control movement along the main transportation artery of the country, which connects Canada and the US through Central America and south as far as Argentina and Chile. In that way, the students are having a huge impact on the economy of Nicaragua (estimates of economic loss and decrease in the growth rate are staggering)


Neo-Piqueteros. I'll bet they're having a huge impact on the economy. Just what some poor campesino needs.
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