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“Students need to understand that there was a beautiful, vast and engaging
world before Europeans ‘discovered’ it. Students need guidance and
knowledge of the past to understand that when they hear ‘Africa’ they
shouldn’t immediately think ‘slavery,’”

“You cannot tell my black and brown students that their history is not
going to be tested and then assume that isn’t going to matter. … Their
histories don’t start at slavery. Their histories don’t start at

“Due to our collective passions for equitable history education, it is
clear that College Board is listening,” DoAmaral said. “I hope that they
continue to listen as we work together to create an inclusive history
curriculum — one that teaches Africa before slavery, the Americas before
Columbus, and Asia before imperialism. Our students deserve more than for
us to start the story in the middle.”

“There are so many students who are being told they don’t matter outside of
the classroom. … Really, the message that this would be sending is that
their histories don’t really matter.”

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