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On 6/13/18 2:41 PM, Mark Lause wrote:
Have radicals actually absorbed the tolxicity of the surrounding civic culture so completely that we use terms like "fake left"???

A position is either "left" or its not.

And saying that it's a "fake left" conjures images of conspiratories . . .people choosing deliberately to fly under phony colors as a "left' that isn't.

Just one other thing on this. I didn't sign the open letter on Baraka, as I have already pointed out. Plus, I value Black Agenda Report even if they are wrong on Syria. In fact, one of my closest friends used to drive me nuts sending me that kind of stuff for a few years. Finally, I have enormous esteem for Bruce Dixon who in a Left Forum workshop on how to build the left talked about the need to avoid litmus tests. If I had applied to CounterPunch in 2013, it would have prevented me from reaching people who were not in my comfort zone--in other words, the small number of people who walked out on Baraka.

Politics is about debate. Lenin was not a Marxist at one point. He argued for years with Marxists until he came around. This Syria stuff is easy to stumble over since we have been accustomed to putting a minus where the State Department puts a plus--or vice versa. The only way to overcome this non-dialectical way of thinking is to patiently explain. If you don't have the patience for that, maybe you should rethink your
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