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" We interview Jo Morales, who has been working in refugee camps and
solidarity spaces in Greece for the last three years. Unlike the NGO
workers, who often use the work in these camps to build their careers, Jo
is doing it, yes to help, but also is drawing political conclusions from
it. She is also helping others do the same. She talks with Oaklandsocialist
about her experiences there.

"Syrians, she explains, are not the only refugees from the Syrian war. For
example, thousands of Afghanis have fled their country and gone into Iran.
There, if caught, they are drafted to fight on the front lines in Syria.
They are given lower pay than are the Iranian soldiers. They are also often
promised that they will get legal papers and that their families will be
taken care of if anything happens to them. Neither of these promises is
always honored....

"Among Syrian refugees there tends to be a mood of exhaustion and defeat,
but they also see events in Syria as part of a long process that could
continue. The mood also varies from day to day. “It’s hard to keep hope
when your families are being murdered….” Jo said. “The answer [for a
renewed struggle] might be in the diaspora….. People are so exhausted…. But
people have organized against the Assad regime in the streets in Athens…
for opening the borders and for opening the camps…. Stand against the Assad
regime as well as nihilistic Islamic groups like Daesh.”

"We asked Jo how much there is a view that the heart of the problem is
capitalism itself. She commented: “It’s not the dominant view… (but) they
will talk about the neoliberal policies of the Assad regime. They will talk
about inequality, and how the was one of the catalysts for the revolution.
And they see solidarity (with) the European working class.”

"She went further, explaining that there is needed a political struggle to
clarify that neoliberalism is simply a symptom of the crisis of capitalism
itself. This view “is not the majority…. the majority will tell you that
the revolution was for freedom…. it was against people being tortured to

read full article here:

*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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