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Trying to avoid a lengthy post, I simplified it a little too much.

After a judgment becomes final, then it can be challenged on the grounds
of intrinsic fraud (or some other reasons) for a limited period of time,
and usally on the grounds of extrinsic fraud for an indefinite period of
time. I don't know if there is a specific adjective describing the
judgment during this "may be disturbed on the grounds of intrinsic
fraud" period. More correctly than I wrote before, that period *begins*
with finality, it doesn't end with finality.

Finality occurs when all of the issues have been decided, when there is
a possibility (perhaps) of appeal. Appeal is normally preluded until
finality is reached. Finality is a subject to itself, I was trying to
avoid it, but ended up describing things somewhat incorrectly as a
result. Needless to say, the time for appeal is also limited, and these
various time periods affect each other, sometimes "stopping the clock",
as when an appeal stops the clock (technically, "tolls the time") for
the availability of certain kinds of post-judgment motions.

I was avoiding an explanation of this morass of various deadlines, and
went too far, misusing the term, "final". I apologize for the confusion.

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