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Louis Proyect wrote

I'm afraid the DSA (yes, I joined) comrade and I have different notions of what it means to "seize power":

Jacobin: But then on the other side, you have people saying socialists should only run outside the Democratic Party. What’s your answer to them?

Julia Salazar: They should tell that to the over 150,000 people in my district, who are living in fear every day of being displaced from their homes, and who are registered Democrats in a state with closed primaries. It’s unquestionably strategic here in New York — though not everywhere, I should add — to run as a Democrat if you want to seize power as a leftist. To mobilize people around socialist politics you have to engage Democratic voters, and you can’t do that in any meaningful way without running on the Democratic Party line in my district

https://jacobinmag.com/2018/07/julia-salazar-interview-socialist-new-york-senatoining <https://jacobinmag.com/2018/07/julia-salazar-interview-socialist-new-york-senate>
I'd be interested in the demographics. "45,000 and growing." Who's joining and what's the class and particularly working class base? Age group is no doubt younger, and if it's mainly students many if not most will become working class later. But class solidarity among workers is what's crucial as to whether anything such as this can morph into a labor party in the US. And to go on the line, risking loss of one's lifeline, one's mortgaged essentials and the security of one's household, becomes increasingly difficult against those holding the whip-hand wielding highly developed, militarized, powerful counter-tactics; and this remains a most important criterion in measuring the success of any sustained movement towards fundamental change. Not only that, but can DSA develop from being an organizing tool within the Democratic Party (if that's its present baseline), can it maintain organizational focus and discipline, can it be perceived to be moving in all its actions toward parity or substantive equality in a very complicated field of battle, so as to build and retain credibility?

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