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 In the whole history of electoral party socialism -- AKA "democratic
socialism" -- this "eventually" (eventually ending private property) never
happens. Universal rent control, though a worthwhile reform, historically
reduces the value of the buildings but does not prevent the landlord from
making a profit -- partly because they have political clout to limit the
rent control.

"A democratic socialist recognizes the capitalist system as being
inherently oppressive, and is actively working to dismantle it and to
empower the working class and the marginalized in our society. Socialists
recognize that under capitalism, rich people are able — through private
control of industry and of what should be public goods — to accumulate
wealth by exploiting the working class and the underclass. Functionally,
this perpetuates and exacerbates inequality.

"A progressive will stop short at proposing reforms that help people but
don’t necessarily transform the system. For example a progressive might
advocate for forcing landlords to do necessary repairs on buildings. But
unless you advocate for universal rent control and frankly, eventually, the
abolition of private property — though that’s not my campaign platform
because it’s not very realistic — what you’re actually doing is just
kicking the can down the road."

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