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This is from another list, a reply to me.  I ask for information from people 
who are better informed than I am.
                ken h

The mass starvation from the drought of 1932-1933 occurred in Ukraine but it 
also in the other parts of the Soviet Union, and it occurred in North America 
too where people died as well.  The ultranationalist Ukrainians dubbed this the 
Holodomor in the late 1970s.  The timing of that name creation occurred not 
coincidentally very soon after a TV series called "Holocaust"  came out and 
many many millions in North America saw a dramatisation of Ukrainian 
ultranationalists joining with the Nazis in the mass murder of Jews and other 
enemies of the Third Reich.  The ultranationalists shared the Nazi hatred of 
Jews and Communists.  These were also the major enemies of Canada and the US as 
well at that time, and of other capitalist countries too of course.

I trust the academic reports i've read that say that around 3.3 million died in 
Ukraine during that drought period.  It was horrendous no doubt.  Millions died 
elsewhere too from the drought but it is not blamed on the Soviet govt in those 
other places.  

The ultranationalist very often TRIPLE the number of deaths to 10 million.  
They have used this exaggerated figure  when competing with the Jewish 
community for public education programs (like when they fought the Human Rights 
museum in Winnipeg which now has a permanent wing on the Holocaust).  

One of the several key reasons that so many died in Ukraine (and yes it was a 
higher percent than elsewhere in the USSR) was because the Ukrainian 
nationalists organised huge programs to sabotage the Soviet land reform/farm 
collectivisation programs that the govt was doing all over the country.  The 
farm land was owned by a very small number of people and the govt thought that 
it would be a more fair system to share the land and the wealth from the land 
(ie food) with many people and this meant taking it away from the few who owned 
it.  Whether this nationalisation was smart, or right or fair or not is another 

Robert Conquest wrote a huge tome about the Ukraine and the deaths during the 
drought.  He was an extremely right-wing scholar who worked for the IRD a 
British intelligence agency spreading extremely anticommunist propaganda.  He 
wrote about the Ukrainian resistance to the Soviet land reform programs and 
said that the Ukrainians sabotaged the govt program by slaughtering millions of 
their sheep and goat and pigs and other farm animals.  It was a huge percent of 
their farm animals. 80% as i recall. That happened just before the Holodomor.  
One year before?   This was one major factor in the deaths of the Ukrainians 
who sabotaged the govt's collectivisation programs..  This factor is however 
completely ignored and perhaps not even known by ultranationalists like 
Chrystia Freeland, even though it was detailed in Conquest's book and they 
think the world of Robert Conquest because he was so extremely anticommunist.

Minister Freeland co-authored an article about the Holodomor in an 
ultranationalist newspaper (which then and still does rely very  heavily on 
thousands of news stories fed to them by the RFE/RL.  (The RFE/RLstarted as a 
CIA propaganda mill in 1949 with the aid of Nazis from eastern Europe).  
Freeland co-wrote this when she was about 20 in about 1990.  Her article of 
course completely blamed the Soviets for all the deaths from the drought.  She 
quoted Conquest but nothing was mentioned about his data on the sabotage 
programs. Freeland's article concluded on the very same page as an 
advertisement for a book which openly glorified and honoured the Ukrainian 
Waffen SS Galicia as if they were heros of WWII because they fought against the 
Soviet Red Army (who were our allies and thankfully they defeated the Nazis 
largely on their own, which I am grateful to them for).  These "heroes" of 
Freeland's community ie., the Waffen SS Galicia were created, armed, financed 
by the Nazis and led by Himmler. Thousands of them were brought to Canada in 
large part because they promised to oppose the communists in the Ukrainian Cdn 
community.  A third of all the communists in Canada back in the early 1900s 
were Ukrainians and about a third were Jews. These were Canada's main internal 
enemies and we brought in tens of thousands fascist supporters including Nazi 
war veteran to deal with them.  Plus the RCMP helped deal with them too.

We are willing to use Nazis to fight our enemies.  We are arming ukraine, which 
now has a Nazi Battalion.  They are our allies in Russophobia, a mass psychosis 
that threatens to bring us too close to war, beyond the economic war we are 
already waging against them.     

At 10:47 AM 08/07/2018, Ken Hiebert wrote:
> I believe it is correct to observe that there is strong national sentiment 
> among Ukrainians and strong anti-communist sentiment as well.
> The national sentiment among Ukrainians goes back well into the 19th century, 
> long before the Russian Revolution.  Lenin and the Bolsheviks referred to the 
> Russian Empire as a “prison house of nations” and the Ukraine was one of 
> those nations.
> One example of nationalism among Ukrainians 
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taras_Shevchenko 
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taras_Shevchenko>
> As for anti-communist sentiment, I think it is fair to say that some of the 
> most bitter anti-communists I have encountered in Canada were people who 
> moved here from so-called “communist” countries.  For Ukrainians a 
> formative experience was the forced collectivization causing a massive death 
> toll and referred to by Ukrainians as the Holodomar.
> If we are to do outreach among Ukrainian Canadians I think we must start by 
> acknowledging their experience.
> ken h
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