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As someone who has been following reports on chemical attacks in Syria since August 2013, when Obama made empty threats about "red lines", I have gotten accustomed to the manner in which Assad's defenders become part of a well-orchestrated campaign to clear him of culpability. On outlets such as Media Lens, Moon of Alabama, Off-Guardian, you can now find articles crowing about how the OPCW report says nothing about sarin (which was never identified as the main cause of the deaths) and adds that no chlorine was found, only chlorinated compounds that could have come from many different sources. For example, Media Lens crossposted an article on FB from something called "The Skwakbox" that states: "The family of chemicals it reported finding – compounds, not pure chlorine – are common in fire extinguishers, insect sprays and other common products, as well as in fridges, machinery and cleaning products." But if you read the fucking OPCW report, and particularly Annex 3 that hones in on these chlorine-based compounds, it states that they were taken from "industrial gas cylinders" in two locations, namely the apartment building where all the deaths occurred. Guess how the fucking dictatorship weaponizes chlorine gas? By dropping these cylinders from helicopters, that's how.

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