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I fully agree with John!

The British national state as well as the EU proto-state formation are BOTH instruments for the imperialist ruling class (or different factions of the ruling class) in order to impose their interests on the working class. To side with one against the other is the same reactionary nonsense as siding in imperialist countries between Globalization vs Protectionism (or, to give another analogy, between the Republicans vs the Democrats in the U.S.).

Engels quote is absolutely correct. It seems that, according to John, not only Marx and Engels but also Hilferding and Lenin (who repeated Engels statement quoted by John) didn't "understand" the nature of imperialist protectionism! Bold statement!

No, John, austerity against workers takes place inside the European Union AS WELL AS outside of it.

As this is a decade-long debate (most of the British left - from the Stalinists to most "Trotskyists" - adapts to British chauvinism and supports Brexit) there exists a vast literature on this issue.

Here are two pamphlets which deal in detail with the British left and their position on Brexit.



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