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On 7/11/18 10:19 PM, Saman Sepehri via Marxism wrote:
Louis, seriously... this is what you are focusing on? Rather than this is a 
right wing attack, comparing anti-fascists to the KKK?

Okay. let me spell things out. The black bloc is a counter-productive tactic no matter the intentions of those that carry it out. When you wear masks and go on window-breaking rampages, it allows the state to discredit the entire movement. It also leads to terrible victimization. A number of people who had nothing to do with the window-breaking idiocy on Inauguration Day were swept up by the cops and now face lengthy prison terms.

If a law is passed that prevents people wearing masks at protests, that will have zero impact on legitimate mass movement building. The Vietnam antiwar movement, the civil rights movement, the gay movement, the woman's liberation movement, the anti-nuclear movement all produced significant gains without having people wearing masks and breaking windows.

These ultraleft idiots have to get their act together if the law passes. It may lead to agent-provocateurs finding other ways to make money but the economy is expanding and they should do okay.
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