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And our own, as it has turned out, over forty years of neoliberal ascendancy. “Neoliberalism” may be a widely contested concept, but as an ideology it would be hard to deny that the negative theology of the market, the belief in its unknowable yet uncanny capacity to process information, lies at its center.17 Today, when market socialists insist on a space for market competition they tacitly accept Hayek’s theology. That is, they take the market as an irrational whole, grounded in intersubjective exchange and opaque to reason, as the natural form of economic life, which we violate at our peril. It is but a short step from this concession to a confession like Vivek Chibber’s, that “it might even be the case that central planning is in tension with some dimensions of social justice.”18

full: https://brooklynrail.org/2018/07/field-notes/Dreams-of-National-Capital-Market-Socialism-Past-and-Present
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