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On 8/3/18 2:06 PM, Tim Nelson wrote:

I suppose my question is, are there existing progressive, pro-working class elements within the democratic party, which are easier to access by working with/in the party?

I am sure there are but American society is so atomized that you are more likely to run into them on FB.

In the 1960s and 70s, things were a lot different. That is why I got such a chuckle out of the idea that the "New Politics" was some kind of opening for the left. There was a white-hot radicalization back then that was starting to penetrate the working class. For example, when independent truckers went on strike, they did two things. They organized snipers to shoot at scabs on the turnpikes. Next, they contacted the antiwar movement to get people to join their picket lines.

With things like that going on, it was not far-fetched to think that by 1990 or so we'd be living in a socialist America. And by that I mean one that has made all the big corporations publicly owned and governed by a master plan.

Anyhow, when the next radicalization kicks in, it will make those trucker actions look like a Sunday church picnic.
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