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What a joke. Rania Khalek makes the case that a top Assadist official worked with Nir Rosen to help deescalate the war in Syria as if Rosen was an impartial peace activist. Rosen is a soft Assadist as Thomas Pierret pointed out in 2014: "Rosen likes to remind his interlocutors that he has spent most of the last three years in Syria, speaking to people from all sides. This might be part of the problem: he seems to have spent so much time with regime officials that he is now speaking exactly like them." (https://pulsemedia.org/2014/12/23/on-nir-rosens-definitions-of-sectarian-and-secular/)

Khalek's Grayzone article: https://www.truthdig.com/articles/meet-the-mystery-fixer-who-negotiated-syria-out-of-seven-years-of-war/
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