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Despite having written 1500 online film reviews since 1991, I still had no idea who Larry Cohen was–the subject of a documentary titled “King Cohen” that opened at the Cinema Village in NY yesterday. I would only say that the film would be appreciated most by cinephiles like me. That might include most of my readers since roughly half of what is posted here celebrates the work of obscure filmmakers like Cohen.

Although I have never seen a single film by the 77-year old Cohen, I was familiar with the TV shows based on his teleplays. He broke into television at a very early age, writing for the Kraft Television Theater in 1958, when he was only 17. Back then, there were weekly live teleplays on all the networks that were nothing like the crap on today. Writers like Paddy Chayefsky, Rod Serling and blacklisted CPers using fronts turned out scripts on a regular basis that represented dramatic writing at its best.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2018/08/04/king-cohen/
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