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It was good to read Cornel West;s piece but SAD to think that it could not
find a home in a US - based media outlet.    I hope this will get wide

My slight disagreement is with the idea that Obama had a serious character
flaw that led him to align with the neo-liberals and protect the banksters
(Bill Black's term) and war criminals from accountability.

I actually think Obama was (in his heart) supportive of attempts to
repudiate neo-liberalism.   Check out the first ECONOMIC REPORT OF THE
PRESIDENT issued by Obama's Council of Economic Advisers --- aside from not
promised to punish the banksters, the ANALYSIS of the cause of the
financial crisis and the emphasis on the increase in inequality was really

Regardless of what Obama WANTED to do, West is absolutely correct in
identifying what he ACTUALLY did --- which in fact did pave the way for

In Chapter 18 of Howard Sherman's and my principles text, we try to show
that the failure of the Obama Administration (trying to appease "deficit
hawks" in Congress) to push through a strong enough stimulus (a FAILURE to
be "good Keynesians") along with a failure to keep the coalition that
elected him mobilized for future political struggle led to a FAILED
recovery strategy that though it did not stop Obama's re-election gave aid
and comfort to the Tea Party and ultimately to Trump ...

Seriously missed opportunity --- and Obama bears the lion's share of the
blame ....

(arguing that the Republicans were worse because of their total opposition
doesn't work -- Obama could have beaten them during the first two years of
his PResidency had he been bolder and stronger and kept his coalition

So sad!!!
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