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by John Clarke, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

After fifteen years of Liberal Governments in Ontario, the Conservatives
are back in power. The Liberal Party, ever the political chameleon,
delivered a brand of austerity by stealth in progressive packaging. Now,
however, the newly enthroned Tories will dispense with such pretensions and
intensify the attack dramatically.

In March of this year, the Ontario Tories, still in opposition, went
through a leadership race that saw the Party Establishment lose out to
maverick right wing populist, Doug Ford. Ford is a Toronto multimillionaire
and former City Councillor whose deceased brother, Rob, made international
headlines for his extraordinary behaviour while Mayor of the City.
Comparisons abounded between Doug Ford and Donald Trump by no means without
justification. Both are bigoted right wing rich men who make entirely
groundless claims to speak for ordinary people. Both are attack dogs for
the most ruthless and reckless elements within the ruling class. Outside of
the suburban Toronto district he lives in and a quirky support base in the
Tory Party, however, Ford’s populist following is probably less significant
than that of Trump.

*June Election Campaign*
As the campaign for the June 7 Ontario Election unfolded, it was abundantly
clear that the Liberals were a spent force. That they would be decimated
was a foregone conclusion. The social democratic New Democratic Party
(NDP), starting in third place, had consistently failed to offer a
political alternative clearly to the left of the Liberals. No Corbyn like
move to the left or rejuvenation of the Party base had occurred.
Nonetheless, with the Liberals in trouble and a right wing Tory Party
moving towards victory, the NDP leadership made a political calculation to
move left. Several candidates with serious social activist backgrounds set
a different stamp on the campaign. It was too little too late but the NDP
doubled its number of seats in the Legislature and had the Ford Tories
worried for a period. The Liberals were obliterated and reduced to a mere
six seats that fail to qualify them for official party status. Ford won
with a campaign that offered few details of his intentions and set of stock
phrases drawn from the populist song book."

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*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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