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Comments on Chris Slee’s Reply

1) Chris Slee writes: “I did however describe HTS as reactionary and hostile to the democratic goals of the 2011 revolution.”

Everything is relative: in relation to a socialist point of view the HTS’s goals are reactionary. In relation to the YPG’s policy they are definitely less reactionary! The YPG/SDF has helped US imperialism to occupy parts of Syria. And now it looks to reach a deal with the monstrous Assad regime. This is definitely more reactionary than any of the HTS goals!

2) Chris Slee writes: “But it seems to me that the SDF would only agree to military cooperation if it included action against the Turkish occupation of Afrin.”

Why should the YPG/SDF “only agree to military cooperation if it included action against the Turkish occupation of Afrin? They did agree to military cooperation with US imperialism for years without a single shot fired against the Turkish army!

3) Chris Slee writes: “This would imply the breakdown of relations between the Assad regime and Turkey - in other words, the end of the Astana agreement.”

That might be true. But one can end the Astana agreement from a progressive and from a reactionary point of view. Breaking the Astana agreement by a full-blown bloody invasion of Idlib and the slaughter of tens of thousands of Syrians (and all with the help of the YPG/SDF mercenaries) would be a reactionary tragedy! It would be the bloodiest version of counter-revolution!

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