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Forgot that section of DREAMS FROM MY FATHER --- so unbelievably sad that a
guy with such knowledge would be so thoroughly seduced -- but if he had
REALLY tried to effect change he might have been successfully assassinated

It does suggest that relying on a "leader" is never going to work.   FDR
was just a rich guy who "wanted to be President" but in the context of the
Depression he was FORCED to do some "right" things --- creating a
structural reform to US capitalism that (in compromise with the Jim Crow
Southerners) created a social safety net and opened the door to
unionization ....

Masses of people in motion is the only thing that works --- right now,
unfortunately, many masses are showing up at Trump rallies ready to start
marching on the rest of us .... (except maybe their numbers APPEAR greater
than they are ... we can only hope!)
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