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Confronted with a similar set of failures in the 1930s, the US opted for an
AMerican version of "social democracy" via the New Deal --- which was
transformed into military Keynesianism in the wake of World War II.   What
forced the ruling class to opt for a [limited] "capital-labor accord" and a
pale version of European social democracy was the existence of an
alternative on the left --- the Soviet planned economy.

With that alternative discredited and gone, the only model alternative to
the failed US "mixed economy" is some form of authoritarianism ---

Will the ruling class make their piece with "strong man rule" --- if not
with Trump than with a better salesman of "Trumpism"??

the next two elections may tell that tale ....

Nothing new here but worth reading as a reflection of the thinking of a
> long-standing member of the liberal establishment.
> http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/08/frank-rich-
> 2008-financial-crisis-end-of-american-dream.html
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