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(From FB)

"Why don't you give Ocasio-Cortez a break until [some important point in her political future]?"

Nope. Here's why:

1. "Holding their feet to the fire" after the election is a joke. Never happens. Even the sincerest expression of this sentiment sounds like bad satire.

2. She's fixing to be seated in Congress. She's not running for student body president. Once seated, she will be voting on military budgets, foreign appropriations, and policy resolutions. In other words, she will be in a direct position of authority vis-a-vis Palestinians and other victims of US depravity.

3. How about this? Maybe the Israeli state can give Palestinians a break? Maybe the Zionists pressuring Ocasio-Cortez into compliance with settler colonization can give her a break, too? Nah, it's always critique from the left that needs to stop, isn't it?

4. Ocasio-Cortez is a superstar with a national following, a huge media platform, and the backing of some influential organizations; her critics are an assortment of unknown activists, colonized rabble-rousers, out-of-work professors, and writers who won't ever make the New York Times unless they buy it. It's much easier, and perhaps more lucrative, to belittle the losers who don't understand grown-up politics, but a bit of disrepute can be plenty satisfying. Try it sometime.

5. If I'm forced to choose between a Westerner's political career and maintaining the dignity of a national liberation struggle--a choice proffered not by Palestinians but by aspiring politicians--then go ahead and douse me in the purifying waters of Lake Fuck Your Election.
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