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(The Pomerance referenced below is Rafe Pomerance, a staff member of Friends of the Earth who was assigned the task of gathering information on climate change by the group in 1979. His concern about bringing a new child into a world headed for catastrophe is at the heart of Paul Schrader's great "First Reformed" that is for sale now on iTunes and Amazon and will likely be for rent as well before long. The NY Times Magazine section was devoted to this article in its entirety last weekend and has been criticized by Naomi Klein and others. Whatever it is lacking politically should not dissuade you from reading it since it is very useful as history.)

In the days that followed, Pomerance grew uneasy. Until this point, he had fixated on the science of the carbon-dioxide issue and its possible political ramifications. But now that his meetings on Capitol Hill had concluded, he began to question what all this might mean for his own future. His wife, Lenore, was eight months pregnant; was it ethical, he wondered, to bring a child onto a planet that before much longer could become inhospitable to life? And he wondered why it had fallen to him, a 32-year-old lobbyist without scientific training, to bring greater attention to this crisis.

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