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And again you are fine with using quotes to "prove" a point...but only when
they agree with you.
There are two problems here:
1) Nimtz is not Engels. So yes, I know that is Nimtz's point, but my
quoting him quoting Engels making a different point doesn't thereby
invalidate Engels's argument. It feels silly to have to say that but....
2) The full quote from Marx and Engels goes on to say--as I pointed out
earlier on this list--"The advance...is infinitely more important than the
disadvantage that might be incurred by the presence of a few reactionaries
in the representative body". So it's not a timeless, context-free position
here, but an intervention into a particular situation in which for one,
Marx and Engels had underplayed running independent worker candidates and
so arguably are 'bending the stick' a bit. And for two, the threat of
reaction was mainly from bourgeois forces turning against the revolution
(the statement goes on to say: "If the forces of democracy take decisive,
terroristic action against the reaction from the very beginning, the
reactionary influence in the election will already have been destroyed"),
not from some "few" spoiled races. That is not the situation we are in
today and with a presidential election that elevated Trump to the
presidency, it wasn't even a question of a "few" positions in a
representative body but of the most powerful elected position in the world.
3) I agree with "Even when there is no prospect whatever of their being
elected, the workers must put up their own candidates in order to preserve
their independence, to count their forces and to lay before the public
their revolutionary attitude and party standpoint". I just think one has to
take particular election systems into account and they made this statement
in which most elections had a second round or something like it. So
basically what I'm advocating is treating the primary as the first round in
which a socialist political organization should "put up their own
candidates" and use the second round strategically.
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