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We had a special election in very Republican and very gerrymandered
district a few days back.  The outcome is still in doubt because the count
is so close, though it looks as though the Democrats lost by a very tiny
margin. Delaware county-- the wealthiest in the state (and one of the
richest in the nation) with a median household income well into six
digits--provided the overwhelmingly Republican numbers that secured this
apparent victory.

Two points . . . . .

So the national media's that declined to dirty their hands covering the
Green campaign has been whinging endlessly how the Greens are responsible
for the loss.

That same media described Delaware County as both "rural" and "working
class"--another case when realities are shoehorned into a narrative whereby
the uneducated middle-of-the-country rubes were upsetting the applecarts of
the enlightened.

People should remember this next time their tempted to echo that drooling
media idiocy about the dangers of "populism."

Mark L.
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