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> The 5-minute video attached below is well worth the time to watch. Duke
> University historian Nancy MacLean has a powerful message. Please circulate
> it further if you can. I also strongly recommend her book, Democracy in
> Chains.
> The Kochs' Long Game
> Dear friends of *Democracy in Chains*,
> Many of you have expressed interest in being informed of developments
> related to the book and the project of challenging the Koch agenda. That’s
> why we’re starting this occasional mailing list—to share useful resources
> and facilitate connections.
> This five-minute video is a recent interview with Bill Maher on his show,
> REAL TIME, about the threat to democracy that is getting lost in the daily
> distractions of the Trump presidency. If you agree on the urgency of the
> message, might you share with people in your networks?  Thanks so much for
> your help in getting out the word and here’s the link:
> https://bit.ly/2AJ1TN9
> <https://penguinrandomhouse.us18.list-manage.com/track/click?u=cca23739793ff131bae0a457f&id=241194eebd&e=bf3c058949>
> Yours in the work (as abolitionists used to sign off in their struggle
> against the property supremacists of their era),
> Nancy
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