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Across the left Rancière is best known as a champion of the politics of the 
“principle of equality”, “the equality of anyone at all with anyone else”. 
This, the only universal in politics, is the perpetual up-setter of apple 
carts. Perhaps his most ambitious target is a vehicle that might be better 
called a juggernaut. This is “post-democracy”.

Pierre Rosanvallon has observed that he was one of the first to employ this 
term. “Post-democracy”(“post-démocratie”) has replaced the classical active 
‘subject’ and agent of politics, effaced before the technical regulation of 
society – in the interests of those who hold economic power. (La 
contre-démocratie. 2006). As Rancière has stated, “Post-democracy is the 
government practice and conceptual legitimisation of a democracy after the 
demos, a democracy that has eliminated the appearance, miscount, and dispute of 
the people and is thereby reducible to the sole interplay of state mechanisms 
and combinations of social energies and interests.”


Rancière: ‘Post Democracy’, Populism, and Anti-Anti-Populism (Part 
‘Rancière: ‘Post Democracy’, Populism, and Anti-Anti-Populism. Part One. Maint 
fleur épanche à regret, Son parfum doux comme un secret, Dans les solitudes 
profoundes.” Many a flower regretfully Exh…

Andrew Coates.
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