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In terms of percentages and seats, the news is that not that much has changed. 
The Sweden Democrats makes gains, but end up on around 5% less than many (me 
included) had feared. The Social Democrats only drop around 3%, still the worst 
result for almost 100 years, but again, the drop is around 5 points smaller 
than expected. The Left Party progresses, but less than we had hoped. However, 
the fall out can still be rather dramatic. With no clear centre-left or 
centre-right majority (they're practically even) and no official agreement 
between the parties of the two blocs like the one they made last time around - 
to allow the biggest bloc to form a governement to keep SD out - it's extremely 
hard to tell what our next government will look like. The tories and social 
democrats are not quite ready to jump into bed with each other yet, German 
fashion. At the same time, some of the smaller centre-right parties are still 
very reluctant to be seen to govern with support of the racists in SD.

My guess is that we will end up with a government based on social democrats, a 
couple of the smaller centre-right parties and the Greens, that just managed to 
stay in parliament. But that's just a guess. If so, in four years the social 
democrats could be reduced to Greek figures and SD would stand to gain even 
more. Either way, our next government will be worse than our present, which 
says a lot. More nasty neoliberalism is coming our way, in the country where 
inequality grows faster even than in the US or UK. Add to that that the next 
capitalist crisis is almost certain to arrive during the coming four years, and 
things look frightening, to say the least.

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