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In the first place, I hope nobody is claiming that we already have a
fascist regime in place in the US. if they are, they will have to explain
why we are not all writing not from prison, but from six feet under.

Which brings me to my second point: What is Trump building? Is it fascism
or what could popularly be called one-man rule, or bonapartism? I think
there is an overlap between the two, but one element that distinguishes
fascism is a real, crazed mass base willing to go to the greatest extremes
and a militia directly controlled by the fascist movement. The Islamic
State has those characteristics, in my opinion. Trumpism does not. But it's
what enables fascism to go farther than bonapartism.  Whether Trump will be
able to achieve a true fully bonapartist, or one-man, rule is an open
question, in my opinion. Which already says a lot, much more than I ever
expected to be able to say about the US in my lifetime.

John Reimann
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