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"Nixon entitled one chapter in his *No More Vietnams* 'How We Won the War.'
Throughout all his writings and discussions of the way the war ended, Nixon
insisted that the 27 January [1973] agreement was a solid peace that could
have preserved an independent South Vietnam indefinitely. When the North
Vietnamese violated the agreement, he would have retaliated against them.
But his presidency soon became enmeshed in the Watergate scandal, and as a
result, it was impossible for him to exercise his authority as commander in
chief. He claimed that he was prepared to renew bomb­ing of North Vietnam
just when White House counsel John Dean began talking to prosecutors about
Watergate in the spring of 1973. Further, be­cause of Watergate, he and his
successor were not able to deliver adequate supplies and economic aid to
South Vietnam in 1974 and 1975. In the chap­ter of *No More Vietnams* titled
'How We Lost the Peace,' Nixon complained that 'Congress proceeded to
snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.'

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