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In memory of Fred Feldman
(Including: A guide to Fred's online writings)

By John Riddell

Fred Feldman, a widely respected socialist activist and long-time leader of the
U.S. Socialist Workers Party, died August 25, 2018. An accomplished and
influential writer, Fred had fallen silent in recent years due to ill health.
Fortunately, most of his texts are online and easily accessible. A guide to his
writings is provided below.

Back in the early sixties, as a student activist, Fred was often arrested during
the Freedom Rides for Black human rights.  In 1964, Fred supported the
Socialists Workers Party (SWP) presidential campaign against L.B. Johnson and
Barry Goldwater. He soon joined the SWP. He wrote voluminously for SWP
publications, mostly on international issues, and served for many years as a
full-time volunteer on the staff of its publications and of Intercontinental

Full: http://tinyurl.com/y7cr9sm2

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