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IMHO, the United States lost the wars in Indochina, but won a strategic
victory in the war against world revolution (misnamed the cold war).

The terrible destruction in Vietnam drew a new cordon around the countries
that had become independent of imperialism through revolution.

At the same time, the Nixon-Mao deal meant that China would not aid Vietnam
or any other revolutionary movement in return for access to US markets and
capital. An alliance that has lasted until now, although it may not last
much longer.

Michael Meeropol also raised another interesting question.

1. "Did the US in the end "WIN" the wars in Indochina by destroying the
indigenous independent revolutionary forces within "South" Vietnam thereby
leading to the conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam -- the
unification of Vietnam under the Northern regime rather than a true
compromise --- leading, ultimately, to the slide towards capitalism in
Vietnam ---?"

An important part of the independent revolutionary forces in the south in
1945 were the Trotskyists who were massacred by the Viet Minh not the
United States.


After that date, the rise of independent opposition forces in the south
faced not only the repression of the puppet South Vietnamese State and the
US, but the efforts of the NLF and Lao Dong (Communist Party) to
infliltrate and coopt them.


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