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Frankly, a fairly accurate portrayal of what Marcus is doing and how
disgusting it is.

However, they left out something key, which is what *actually* happened at
Rutgers. According to Pal Legal
what happened was that students brought Holocaust survivors and Nakba
survivors together to speak about how racism is bad, and the Zionist
Organization of America tried to shut down the event while referring to the
organizers as "towelheads" and "suicide bombers" and referring to a Jewish
organizer as a race traitor of some kind.

In short, a group of Jewish Nazis used hate speech and racism to attack
Palestinian and Jewish survivors of genocide and anyone who facilitated
their presence at Rutgers, and the response from Marcus is to investigate
the victims. If anything, the crime is that the Dep't isn't investigating
how Rutgers allowed members of a hate organization to come onto campus and
bully trauma survivors with racialized abuse.

Amith R. Gupta
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