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On 9/12/18 10:17 PM, Stuart Munckton wrote:
Nice evasion bout posting a bullshit article.

Okay, I confess the article is bullshit. So let's get that out of the way.

Now will you confess that the Greenleft article mentions incidents that nobody has ever heard about? It seems like everybody else in the world except the PYD and its diehard supporters like Socialist Alliance and David Graeber understand that the Kurds only developed their socialist utopia because they cut a deal with the dictatorship. I can see why you still see them as heroic fighters but maybe it wasn't a great idea journalistically speaking to write about heroic confrontations with the Baathist military that never took place. I am willing to admit that maybe such incidents did take place but I couldn't find any reference to them in Lexis-Nexis. The ball is in your end of the court.
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