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Marc Chagall was born in 1887 outside Vitebsk, moved to Paris in the years before World War I, and returned to Russia as revolution took hold. We don’t think of him as a politically engaged artist, and this show includes familiar, color-saturated compositions of lovers by the waterside, revelers celebrating Purim, and goats and cows flying through the air. But Chagall was enraptured by the promise of Communism — as you can see in “Onward, Onward” (1918), a rhapsodic painting on paper in which a jumping man in plaid trousers, his legs spanning the whole composition, bounds through a sky of brilliant blue into a glorious popular future. Look closely and you’ll see gridlines beneath the gouache; this work was enlarged to mural scale for Vitebsk’s celebration of the first anniversary of the revolution, captured in a filmstrip projected here. Chagall, the city’s art commissar, was in charge of the decorations.

full: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/13/arts/design/chagall-lissitzky-malevich-russian-avant-garde-jewish-museum.html
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