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Hit Men and Power: South Africa’s Leaders Are Killing One Another

Political assassinations are rising sharply in South Africa, threatening
the stability of hard-hit parts of the country and imperiling Mr. Mandela’s
dream of a unified, democratic nation.

But unlike much of the political violence that upended the country in the
1990s, the recent killings are not being driven by vicious battles between
rival political parties.

Quite the opposite: In most cases, A.N.C. officials are killing one
another, hiring professional hit men to eliminate fellow party members in
an all-or-nothing fight over money, turf and power, A.N.C. officials say.

The party once inspired generations of South Africans and captured the
imagination of millions around the world — from impoverished corners of
Africa to wealthy American campuses.

But corruption and divisions have flourished within the A.N.C.
recent years, stripping much of the party of its ideals. After nearly 25
years in power, party members have increasingly turned to fighting, not
over competing visions for the nation, but over influential positions and the
spoils that go with them

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