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Done without care, opposition to Israeli brutality can reify other forms of
oppression, or it can conceptualize Israel as an aberration from honorable
American values.  Israel doesn’t corrupt the United States—nor does the
United States corrupt Israel. Both states originated through corruption—as
paragons of foreign settlement, land theft, environmental degradation,
racial inequality, and labor exploitation—a condition they mutually
reproduce within and beyond their borders.  Israel doesn’t distract the
United States from its otherwise noble mission in the world; it helps the
United States manage a world order beneficial to its ruling class.

Disrupting those benefits is easier than it might seem.  We shouldn’t
voluntarily concede to the oppressor, first of all.  The needs of power
aren’t our guidepost for liberation; our notions of justice aren’t
derivative of colonial logic.  At its best, a principled anti-Zionism
understands that freedom isn’t merely an optimal byproduct of struggle, but
its only acceptable outcome.

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