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CounterPunch is having a fund-drive. I urge comrades to contribute since it is still the most interesting and informative magazine on the left. I know that some of you don't care for Patrick Cockburn or Robert Fisk but the sort of people who were beyond the pale like Mike Whitney and Diana Johnstone are gone. I have been writing for it six years and have made sure to vary my film reviews with articles making points that can not be found on Alternet, The Nation, et al. Today, there's my review of "Russia and the Far Right" that has not been covered by the usual leftie websites, for example. Please make a healthy contribution. For most of you, $25 should be easy. That's like $2 per month. Almost what you lose behind the sofa cushions in change. And $50 would go a long way. C'mon, comrades. Build the left alternative to Jacobin. (Is that sectarian? Sorry, I couldn't help it.)

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