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> Now, there’s this: The Totten Glacier in East Antarctica is destabilizing.
> It alone carries enough ice melt (16 feet) to flood NYC and Tokyo, forget
> Miami, it’s already a goner. Totten is less than 10% of the mass of East
> Antarctica. Still, Totten brings more potential sea level rise than all of
> West Antarctica, where major destabilization of glaciers continues ongoing
> with gusto.
> Totten is an early warning signal clanging loud and clear, if ignored,
> it’s comparable to Custer’s courier riding off in the distance to inform
> reinforcements of “good news.” Somebody somewhere, everywhere, better start
> planning to move to higher ground or building dykes, or do something other
> than sit around waiting for additional stronger evidence that impending
> worldwide chaos is right around the corner. Wipeouts are never anticipated.
> If it were otherwise, they’d never happen.
> https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/09/26/an-unforeseen-climate-beast-awakens/
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