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"The internal turmoil at Facebook — described by six current and former 
employees and a review of internal posts — illustrates how divisions over Judge 
Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court have cascaded into unexpected 
places and split one of the world’s biggest tech companies.

"Mr. Kaplan’s show of support for Judge Kavanaugh hits a particularly sensitive 
spot for Facebook. It has been weathering claims from conservatives and Mr. 
Trump that Facebook is biased against right-wing websites and opinions. The 
company has denied this, saying it is a neutral platform that welcomes all 
perspectives. By showing up at Judge Kavanaugh’s side, Mr. Kaplan essentially 
appeared to choose a political side that goes against the views of Facebook’s 
largely liberal work force.

"The tensions add to a litany of other issues that have sapped employee morale. 
In the past few weeks alone, the company, based in Silicon Valley, has grappled 
with the departures of the co-founders of Instagram, the photo-sharing app 
owned by Facebook, plus the disclosure of its largest-ever data breach and 
continued scrutiny of disinformation across its network before the midterm 


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