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Yesterday (Oct 3) saw thousands of people mobilise in response to a call
from housing groups, trade unions and political parties to ‘Raise The Roof’
in response to the housing scandal in the Twenty-Six Counties. The rally
was organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and supported by the
National Women’s Council, the Union of Students in Ireland and others.
These organisations represent hundreds of thousands of Irish workers, women
and students that are being adversely affected by the chaos of privatised
housing. The fact that such a breadth of ‘civic society’ is now coming
together with housing and homelessness organisations to demand housing
justice is a very welcome development.

Housing has been Éirígí’s key campaigning issue for close to three years.
During that time our activists have consistently worked to build a mass
campaign for housing justice. To this end we have distributed tens of
thousands of pieces of literature; organised countless public meetings;
participated in direct actions; helped form housing action groups and
homeless outreach groups; networked with other like-minded individuals and
organisations to build alliances in support of our key housing demands.

All of this work has been informed by our key housing demand, namely the
creation of a new

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