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*James W. Loewen is a sociologist.  The New Press has just brought out new
paperbacks of Loewen's bestseller, Lies My Teacher Told Me
and Sundown
about places that were/are all-white on purpose. *

In 2016 I wrote here <https://historynewsnetwork.org/blog/153737> about
Clyde Wilson’s scurrilous neo-Confederate pamphlet, “*Lies My Teacher Told
Me: The True History of the War for Southern Independence*
It is a 38-page pamphlet that mostly reprints an article he wrote for what
is pretentiously titled the Abbeville Institute
<https://www.chronicle.com/article/Secretive-Scholars-of-the-Old/49337> but
actually amounts to another neo-Confederate’s house.

Recently friends visited the Gettysburg Emporium, a Civil War re-enactors’
store in Gettysburg, where they saw copies for sale along with Confederate
and Union uniforms and paraphernalia. Appalled at both the rip-off of my
title and the content of the pamphlet, they told me about it. That spurred
me to go to Amazon.com <http://amazon.com/>, where I read several glowing
reviews of the work by other neo-Confederates.

I decided to post my own not-so-glowing review. “He stole my book title and
ignores the primary sources in *The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader*,”
I wrote.

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