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The analogy to the destruction of the German capitalists who supported
Hitler is chilling --

today's neoconservative capitalists are presiding over the destruction of
the planet --- perhaps some hundreds of millions of humans will survive and
SOME organized forms of society may even flourish (Oreskes' novel THE
COLLAPSE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION envisions a second Chinese People's
Republic cerca 2093) but will it be socialist and humanist or authoritarian
-- almost fascist?? ----

I hope a broad coalition that includes capitalists can beat back the
domestic neo-cons ---

Don't think that there will be a strong left to pick up the pieces if the
neo-cons prevail (even if they don't the odds against civilization --
ANYWHERE --- decrease every day).   Resistance is mostly existential (as in
French existentialism not survival) --- we struggle even though we 're
almost certain to lose!
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