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IMHO "Open Borders" is what is required for all imperialist countries, but
not for other countries.

I am writing in reply to Michael Meeropol. He wrote,

"But until real wages in the world become equal with a "race to the top"
rather than a race to the bottom there will be a tension between open
borders and (global north) working class incomes ----

"Pushing solidarity is important but there is no question that this reality
makes it doubly harder ... "

Open borders is the most basic democratic right, the right to move from one
place to another.

The fact that it contradicts the existence of nation states at a very
fundamental level makes it what people used to call a "transitional
demand", but in reality ALL programmatic issues that meet the needs of the
working class and oppressed are transitional because achieving any one of
them intensifies the crisis of the system in one way or another.

Achieving a $15/hour minimum wage in the USA is a good example of what I

Opponents of the working class always latch on to these effects: raising
wages will cause employers to lay off workers, opening the borders will
result in competition for jobs and resources, etc, etc.

To the extent that their arguments are true, a revolutionary and really
socialist program must have answers at a higher level.

At this point in history, our program cannot be achieved in the short run,
so our answers can serve only to educate small numbers of people.

By the same token, the programmatic points developed 50 or one hundred
years ago also need to be revised. How can anyone talk about
"nationalizing" an industry when all of the main industries operate
internationally? Take the automobile industry as an example. Nationalize GM
in the USA? What about Canada, China, Mexico and the other countries whre
GM operates?

Similarly, how can the global warming catastrophe be addressed within a
single "nation state", even one like the USA? Toothless climate change

Capitalism has truly gone beyond the limits of the "nation-state" but
cannot do without it either.

On the other hand, if we just march around with signs saying "world wide
socialist revolution now!" we will be marching alone.

James Cannon, despite all of his warts and nose hair, once wrote about
agitation, propaganda and education. To this he should have added,
development of theory.

Today's left is atomized, but growing. Dominated by abject reformism, but
searching for answers to problems that reformism cannot solve.

There are grounds for hope, but not if we just adapt to the arguments
against struggle.

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