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Chacón affirms and concretizes bedrock principles of internationalism and

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“Today’s migration points to the multiple forms of exploitation and
dispossession that define the contemporary working class: from the
corporate land grabs, climate change, and state violence that make
subsistence farming impossible to the ways that the drug trade, finance,
and the “migration industry” are able to extract surplus independently of
the wage and, in the process, make life unliveable. Yet it also illustrates
the active capacity of the working class to pose new forms of resistance to
their subordination – or at least the conditions of their subordination –
within and in relation to the labor process.2 In other words, workers may
move to avoid specific working conditions, or to avoid being part of the
industrial reserve army that otherwise sets the conditions of exploitation
in a place like Honduras. In this sense, migration is autonomous because it
is something conceptually and logically prior to the emergence of the
state’s ever more extensive biopolitical and disciplinary border and labor
management techniques. These techniques don’t simply seek to stop migrant
flows, but actually use migrant flows to further segment and structure
labor markets along the migrant trail in the countries of origin,
reception, and those crossed along the way.”
“It is, after all according to Marx, the double freedom of
dispossession-cum-wage dependence which is the defining feature of the
working class and in this sense these individuals partaking in “the yearly
proletarian globe-hopping of seasonal workers by steamship, railroad and
automobile” or by “radical separation of airborne migration linked by years
of remittances and phone calls,” should hold a pride of place as the very
literal foot soldiers of the working class.4”
“The border and migration regimes of the capitalist state work not simply
to repel migrants or flex national sovereignty but to find new
opportunities for cheap labor, whether migrants are coming or going. The
point is that migrants are coming and going; their agency is the basis for
capital’s continually multiplying regimes of capture, and their movement is
thus part of a class struggle.”

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> Though I am mostly persuaded by comrade Chacon's arguments against the
> Nagle article (which I haven't read) I do believe that we on the left face
> a conundrum ...

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